The OAK Wedding Difference

If I have said it once, I have said it 100 times. . .We. Love. Weddings. And over the past 5 years, we have grown and adapted the OAK wedding planning process into something that we hope to continue to share with brides for years to come. We strive to be “different” and to make a difference with each wedding. How? Glad you asked! I’d love to share. . .


Our most popular wedding package option is our OAK Wedding Option. The brides who choose this package have direct contact with me through the planning process, and these weddings are the ones where the full realm of our creative juices get to work. For most OAK Weddings, our OAK team takes the reigns with wedding planning, locating vendors, creating schedules, styling the “look” and executing the day - the tasks most wedding planners assist with. BUT, when you book an OAK Wedding, we don’t stop there. We create innovative, organic floral design in house; we have a warehouse full of décor and linens; we have a full catering staff in house; we have a graphic designer who designs our original stationary; we have a baker who works just for us; we have a large staff who has been trained in wedding day set up/tear down and production. . . when we say WE produce your wedding, we mean WE produce your wedding. There are times, of course, when we outsource vendors, but in those cases, we have a select group we will work with, all of whom know our style and expectations, and who are willing to work as part of the OAK team on that wedding day.


Along with obsessing over every detail of your wedding day, we also understand that our connection with you, your wedding party and your family ON your wedding day is imperative to our success. Because of this, we have wedding directors assigned to each OAK bride who not only direct the rehearsal, ceremony and reception, but who also assist the family through the day with photos, answer questions, find safety pins, etc. All those little things that are bound to occur. Because we have one primary “wedding planner” and floral designer (me), I am able to oversee the details, set up, and overall production of each event, while our directors are focused on YOU. If there is ever a problem or a question from a vendor, your director will not have to leave your side to handle it. . . And our team? It’s led by a professional interior designer who has had extensive study in color theory, textiles, styling, layout and more. And our floral design team has been trained by the country’s BEST -( Both Amy Osaba and Holly Chapple. )


The other way we aim to make a difference is through our relationship with our brides through the entire process. We “know that we know” the process and the assisting professionals who will best be suited to your style (musicians, photographers, etc.), and we strive to develop a relationship with our brides that builds trust. Through these relationships, we aim to take the stress off of our brides. We handle communication with all vendors, answer questions, take the lead on styling and design, and we keep you informed through it all. You show us your inspiration, and we keep you as involved as you WANT to be! We have some brides who want to “show up and love it” and others who want to be a part of every step and decision. We are happy to oblige both. We want you to walk away at the end of your wedding day with as little stress and as much joy as possible.


Finally, we aim to do all of this without completely breaking the bank. Yes, weddings are expensive. They cost thousands of dollars - even cheaper ones. But we are not aiming to see how much money we can make from each event. We are aiming to love and serve - to show you what we CAN fit within your budget. We will give as much effort to the $8,000 budget as we will the $500,000 budget.

We have been told by brides in the past that other wedding professionals have claimed that there is “no way” we could actually come through with all we promise, but, we DO. We don’t do it alone, of course. We do it through a large, well-trained, willing to serve staff who loves their job and considers each bride and wedding day a gift to be treated as such.

We know we aren’t for every bride. And that’s ok. But we also know that the brides who are OAK brides are a special group who we love on and consider to be our family for the rest of their live long days.

((We also have a la carte plans - I’d love to share those with you, too!))