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kati + jake

We are so excited to welcome Kati and Jake into our OAK wedding family. Here is their love story in her own words:

Our Love Story

        Jake and Kati shared some of the same friends for many years but never officially met.  They always knew of one another and were Facebook friends, and Jake always thought Kati was pretty. He just could not ever build up the nerve to ask a friend about her, but one day, a friend of theirs told him that she was a good girl and that he should try to take her on a date.  So typically, he messaged her on Facebook and was just trying to start a friendly conversation.  The whole time Kati knew what he was wanting.  Eventually, he asked her out on a date.  She was not really interested but decided she would go because it sounded like a fun time and she got a free meal out of the deal.  The day after, Jake had to go to work for a week, but they continued talking.  While he was gone, Kati went on a date with another guy.  The whole time she was there, she could not get Jake off of her mind.  She finally couldn’t handle it any longer, so she went to the bathroom and called Jake to tell him where she was.  Needless to say, he was upset, but it did not show.  When Jake came back home, he took her on a romantic date to a fancy restaurant, and during their discussion at dinner, he asked her what she would do if he asked her to marry him that night.  She was stunned by the question but she already loved everything she knew about him.  She could tell that he was definitely falling for her.  From then on, their feelings begin to grow stronger and stronger, and they eventually fell in love.  Within seven months, they knew they were right for one another, and Jake proposed on Christmas Eve.  He was wrapped in a huge box and when Kati opened it, he was on one knee, and asked her to marry him.  Without any hesitation, she said YES! 


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