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We are so excited for this fall wedding at Sandridge Barn Venue. Carley and Maggie Carlyle are just precious people and we wish them a happy, happy forever with Tyler! Here's their love story, in Carley's words:

How we met: When Tyler and I first met I had a one year old daughter, Maggie Carlyle, and in my first year of college, and I was always on the go. Needless to say, I was not looking for my forever soulmate at the time. My brother had recently started working at MDOT in Newton with Tyler. They would come to the house and fish a few afternoons during the week, but I was always rushing and just waved as I drove by. One afternoon, I decided to stop after I had picked up my daughter from the babysitter. Mine and Tyler's reaction to each was a simple "Hey" but both of us knew the look on each other's faces. Maggie Carlyle and I fished for a few mins and when on to the house as we always do. A few days went by and I not wanting to admit to myself that I was anxious to see him again went by slowly. When Tyler came back to fish with my brother we began to talk a little more and gradually became pretty close friends. I instantly fell in love with the way he treated my daughter. It was all I had ever wanted and she LOVED him. The weeks past by and I would see him a couple of days a week but would never give him the chance to take me on a date or even get near me for that matter. He was my best guy friend that became my crush suddenly and I wasn't prepared for it and didn't want it. Tyler bowled on  a team 2 nights a week and I was itching to see him bowl. I finally gave in to our first date at the bowling alley, by my choice. It was an absolute blast, I just didn't think he was as good as he was! Over time we began to date for several months. He adored and treated Maggie Carlyle and I like we were queens. We ran into to bumps along the rocky road of relationships with single moms that I myself couldn't handle. We let each other go our on ways for a few months but couldn't stand the thought of not being with each other so we kept in touch. If it was meant to be it would happen and IT DID! Here we are 81 days till we say "I DO!!!"

How he asked: On May 23, 2015 it was just another "normal" day at the Newton County Animal Clinic as I got there at 7:00 and was exhausted by the time I left at 12:30. I was rushing to get to Tyler's to get ready for his bowling tournament in Meridian so I could ride with his parents. My Mom, Brother, and Daughter were already in Meridian to shopping and was going to bring Maggie Carlyle to us when we got there. I was slightly ill, grumpy, and tired because it had been quite a morning already. I rushed up to get a quick shower and throw on some clothes as Tyler rushed to the bowling alley to warm up for the tournament. Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Chuck, Tyler's parents, hurried me along and we were in our way to what I thought was just a bowling tournament. I had on no makeup and was casually dressed so I decided as Mrs. Chuck drove 90 to nothing to get there before 2:00 to put on a little makeup. He told me if he missed the first ball we might as well not go so he hurried on. We made it and it was crowded. I just wanted food. Ha. I ordered my lunch and went to sit down to wait on it when my mom, brother, and daughter came in and informed they would watch for a little while. As everyone sat at the table, my name was called up to the front to what I thought was my food was ready. Needless to say my food was not ready and Tyler grabbed my hand. He walked me down the steps and on to the lanes where he knelt on one knee and said " You know I've always loved you and I want to for the rest of my life, So will you Marry Me?" Maggie Carlyle hurried over to give me my absolutely gorgeous ring! Maggie Carlyle and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Tyler is the absolute best Daddy and we are two lucky and blessed girls to be able to spend the rest of our lives with him!
Story behind the bowling alley: That's where it all started! Our First Date!And I had recently asked Tyler if we ever got married would it have to be at the bowling alley because we spend lots of weekends there and his response was a funny picture of a couple getting married on the lanes. I was definitely not for that moment of our life's to be shared at the bowling so he found another way and we got engaged there with family and friends! 

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