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Venue - Sandridge Barn (An OAK venue)
Wedding Planning, Florals, Catering, Directing, Décor by OAK
Photographer - Tony Collins

I loved this bride from the first time we saw her at the Premier Bridal Show, and we loved working on every aspect of her wedding. She gave me full creative freedom with her flowers and décor (which I L*O*V*E) and went out and found the most unique, amazing dress known to man. She has a sweet family, a quiet, humble hubby and lots and lots of love for each other and their Lord. This was just FUN.

Adrian's dad was present in spirit and through a beautiful photograph she had made of her in her wedding dress at his graveside.  Her lovely mom escorted her down the aisle and gave her blessings.
I decided to incorporate lots of dried flowers in with some of my favorite colors and types of fresh flowers, and some foraged flowers, to really make a unique statement. I love dried flowers because they remind us that even when our love is "old" it's still beautiful and very useful (and lasting . . .). I want all of the weddings I coordinate to be "dried flower" sort of marriages.
And then there's the dress. . .

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